Palm Beach County’s public schools want to use GPS to investigate employees

21 Jul
Palm Beach County’s public schools want to use GPS to investigate employees

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UPDATED 10 a.m. Tuesday to include a statement from the school district.

Palm Beach County’s public school system wants to be able to use cell phones to track its workers’ movements, a new investigative power that it says would allow it to “monitor employees’ job performance.”

The new investigative tactic would affect the roughly 800 employees who use cell phones issued by the school district, along with any other employees who use school-owned electronic devices.

District officials would use GPS technology and other electronic tracking tactics to check in on employees to monitor “job performance” and “efficiency.” No warning to the employees would be required.

The proposed monitoring authority is tucked into a long list of proposed policy changes that the school board will consider Wednesday.

A school district spokeswoman said that administrators would not use the tracking technology on a regular basis, only to investigate complaints…

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