Tips For Calming Your Child With Autism – Calm Yourself First! (Part 3)

26 Jun

MyAutismTeam Blog

boy-child-stressThis blog is part of a four-part support series for parents by Marci Lebowitz, OT and Autism Specialist.  Watch for Marci’s blogs to help you distinguish between tantrums and meltdowns, tips to manage tantrums and meltdowns and meltdown prevention tips.   Find out more about how Marci supports autism parents and professionals at

An Autism Parent’s Approach to Calming
Recently my brother and my son joined me at an outdoor event that I was working at. Wyatt, my 15 year old who has autism, was not interested in sitting with me so they went for a nice stroll, lunch and later returned to the relative peace and quiet of our van.

All the changes in a the environment, the sounds, the lights, the crowds were too much. In a short period of time, Wyatt had escalated and had a meltdown. He has autism, it happens.

Then my cell phone…

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